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AX2700/CAX30 DHCP stopped assigning IP addresses to devices

Device:  CAX30 Cable Modem Router

Firmware Version(s): and


Issue:  DHCP stopped successfully assigning IP addresses to devices both wired and wireless unless the device has been setup to receive/request a static IP.  


Expected:  DHCP should assign an IP to any device that requests one if it is not already assigned to a devic and is available.

Attempted Solutions:  Restart modem; Factory reset and reconfigure modem; Restart device(s); Reset devices network settings (forget network, reset netowrk settings)


Workaround:  Set a static IP request from the device if possible (some IOT devices do not provide an interface for requesting a static address and so this does not work for them).


Other possible workaround I have not tried:  Setup a new network SSID instead of using the original SSID for wireless devices.  This was mentioned in another thread of a way to get wireless devices to be successfully assigned an IP, but I do not really want to do this because of the number of devices with setttings to reconfigure, and I think it was reported the problem eventually came back for the new SSID where devices could not successfully get a dynamic IP assigned from DHCP server.




Who Me Too'd this topic