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Nighthawk M6 Pro Constantly Locking Up, Screen Freezing, Dropping Internet

I have a new M6 just 2 days old, will be running fine, and then at various times (no rhyme or reason), can be up for hours, or 5 minutes, the screen looks up, won't respond, drops internet completely and pushing the power button will get the screen to flash on and off once in a while.


I've been using it plugged in WITH the battery inside as well.  The only way to restart it is to physically pull out the battery and remove power, then start back up again.

Then 5 minutes to 5 hours later it does it again.


I'm seeing other topics about "overheating" issues, but it never feels hot at all.  Is what I'm experiencing "the overheating" issue or something else?


Not impressed with this $800 router Netgear... need the fix shared immediately or we're returning it, as I'm on a road trip this was purchased for and need it to work NOW, not in weeks.  Please advise how much longer to push the update or if I need to just return it and get a hotspot that works.

Who Me Too'd this topic