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Will you Share Your Business Deployment Story?


Will you Share Your Business Deployment Story?

Deployment-Stories-Announcement.pngNew Community Feature – “Business Deployment Stories”


We’ve been hard at work creating a brand-new feature for the NETGEAR Community that we’re calling “Business Deployment Stories”, and we’d love you to check it out!  Our current iteration is intended for business products such as Ethernet Switches, Orbi Pro, Access Points and NAS, and future versions may expand to cover additional products.


More to Community than Support:

Our goal is to provide a place where active community members can share details about their network implementations so others in the community can find ideas, inspiration, or solutions for their own business deployments. Are you proud of your cabling setup? Did you put an Orbi Pro Outdoor Satellite in an interesting location? Did you create a clever VLAN setup? We want to know about it and share it! While reading deployment stories you can quickly tab between posts and content, and Kudos to upvote your favorite stories. The default view of this section will show the hottest entries first. Then it will let you quickly share a new story with the “Share my Story” link. Or Share your Deployment Story now (Community Login required). 


If you would like to try out Business deployment stories, post your own, or just see the look and feel and provide feedback we visit the Business Deployment Stories page



A Picture is worth a 1000 Words...

When posting your own story, please note that a “Cover” photo (or image) is required when posting a Business Deployment Story. Be sure to add at least one image to your post. Find the “cover photo” button on the right side of the page. We recommend an image that is at least 1000px wide.  A size of 800px to 1300px wide by 250px to 500px tall would be just about right. You can also add additional images to your post though the normal posting process.


Resellers and Partners Welcome to share:

If you are a reseller, partner or IT manager, be sure to let users who you are and how they can reach out to you for services on a future project featuring NETGEAR hardware.



share-this.pngDid you read or write a great story? Share!

Spread it around and get more comments and kudos. We’ve included a “Share” button on every story. Simply click it and choose your favorite social platforms to spread the love.


More ways to share and get deployment Ideas:

Lastly, if you are looking to see more NETGEAR Business hardware success stories? Then check out our new NETGEAR Customer Success Stories page where we’ve featured the best of the best in NETGEAR Case Studies and more. If you’re interested in creating a more in-depth case-study with us, please reach out to me through PM.


We look forward to seeing your NETGEAR Business deployment stories!



-Bret D.

Community Manager for NETGEAR Business

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