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Setting min. client RSSI for WAC510 AP


Setting min. client RSSI for WAC510 AP

I have a couple WAC510 APs and I would like to configure load balancing, specifically the minimum client RSSI parameter. I think I understand the basic concept, namely that if a client RSSI falls below a specified threshold, the AP will disconnect that client, or refuse to connect a new client. However, as far as I know, the RSSI is a signal level, e.g. -50dBm. However, the management interface for the WAC510 shows values between 1 and 50 (w/ no units). Can anyone tell me how the values 1 to 50 translate to signal levels?


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Re: Setting min. client RSSI for WAC510 AP

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As per our engineering team, The client RSSI mentioned in the load balancing is a positive scale value. It is calculated using the following formula:


Positive Scale Value = 95 + (Wireless client RSSI in negative value)



If a client RSSI -45, then the positive scale value is 50.





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