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CAX30 resets WIFI to factory defaults uncontrollably


CAX30 resets WIFI to factory defaults uncontrollably

This device has serious problems.  I recommend you don't buy it.   This is the second time in 6 months a likely firmware update has reset the device to factory defaults.  (I purchase this device summer of 2022).   This device is located 2000+ miles away so it is very difficult to reestablish connections or impossible to control remotely.    This problem has not been solved as some suggest other than buying an alternat new device or use the ISP's modem.  I called support and so far they have no answers or help other than engineering is working on it.   Very disappointed to have unreliable internet access.  Netgear should give credit to all to who bought this box.  It would save them support costs.   That said my Orbi6 in a different home has been working as advertised.

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Re: CAX30 resets WIFI to factory defaults uncontrollably

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