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Re: lb2120 failover help


lb2120 failover help

hey Community,


i am having a issue with the failover on my lb2120.

during the night my internet stopped working go the txt saying it have changed over to the mobile. 10 mins later its back onto the wired internet. but when i tested it i was not getting any internet. i can ping the address its pinging. but i can not ping google.com

when i force the unit over to mobile i can ping and google.com

should i change the over to ping google.com instead or is pinging google like that not aloud?

becouse its pingging and it can get though it thinks the internet is working when it isnt so the failover isnt kicking in like it should.

and i have tryed rebooting all the network devices. main internet, lb2120 and the router. still the same issue though.

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Re: lb2120 failover help

after doing more playing with it i tried a reset. this still did not fix the issue. i unpluged and took it out of the chain and now the internet is working. so my device is defective or broken or just crap.

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Re: lb2120 failover help

Hi - it seems like there are a few of us with the same issue. On primary WAN fail, the unit just crashes and you have to power cycle it.

My post https://community.netgear.com/t5/Mobile-Routers-Hotspots-Modems/LB2120-crashes-instead-of-failover/m...


The original post https://community.netgear.com/t5/Mobile-Routers-Hotspots-Modems/LB2120-crashing-instead-of-failover/...


@netgear can you please help? This is not an isolated issue now with multiple people experiencing the same.

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