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Re: Circle Compatibility with New Orbi Wifi6 AX-6000

Circle Compatibility with New Orbi Wifi6 AX-6000

Hi there,


Has anyone been able to pair a Circle Disney 1st Gen box with the new Orbi AX6000?  


I've connected my 1st gen Circle to the RBK852, and if I try to add any kind of filter from adult down, it just shuts all internet access down altogether.  So all I'm able to do is set filter to "None" and then set bedtimes and wake-up times.  I've tried rebooting, resetting and resynching - the lot.  But no luck.


I emailed Netgear tech suppport about a week ago and they replied saying they expect to have integrated Circle support for the AX6000 in a month.  Just trying to find a stopgap in the meantime!


Another option I suppose is to buy the new Circle Home Plus and hope it works in compatibility mode - but I know that's not guaranteed.  Anyone got a Home Plus that's working on this router??




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Re: Circle Compatibility with New Orbi Wifi6 AX-6000

Did you find anything out on your question? I have the same problem. I just bought the RBK752 (AX4200) and I cannot use my Circle 1st gen filters without it completely shutting down the entire internet to that device.  I would HOPE they would have circle included within these expensive wifi routers, when I researched to purchase it, it was misleading and made it look like it was already included.  

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Re: Circle Compatibility with New Orbi Wifi6 AX-6000

Same issue for me!

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Re: Circle Compatibility with New Orbi Wifi6 AX-6000

No news yet - they were supposed to have Circle integrated into Orbi this month but obviously that didn't happen.

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Re: Circle Compatibility with New Orbi Wifi6 AX-6000

Mark me down as someone with the same issue. Just bought the Orbi AX4200 set from Costco. My 1st gen Circle blocks everything with any filtering profile as well. Everyone is unfiltered for now until there’s a fix. Hope it’s soon!
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Re: Circle Compatibility with New Orbi Wifi6 AX-6000

I just set up an Orbi AX6000 (RBK853 3-pack kit) today and have a Circle Home Plus (aka Circle v2) and am seeing some weird issues.  With regular mode, it would randomly turn off the internet so I'm running it in compatibility mode.  I'm not sure if that in itself is 100% stable or reliable, as my son keeps telling me that his iPad was reporting that there was no internet even though there were no restrictions in place or enforced during that moment.


Anybody here using Circle Home Plus with an Orbi AX6000 and having issues? 

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Re: Circle Compatibility with New Orbi Wifi6 AX-6000

I don;t have Circle home plus I just have 1st gen so you just saved me some money it seems as it's not working with Home Plus either??


Netgear Tech Support said they're working on integrating Circle into the AX6000 and said it would be out in a month - like three months ago.  I see they've come out with their Netgear Armor integration - let's hope Circle isn't much longer.  Let's go Netgear!

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Re: Circle Compatibility with New Orbi Wifi6 AX-6000

Add me to the list of people that spent hundreds of dollars to upgrade to the latest and have the RBR850 + 2 satellites and no parental controls. I researched the setup as much as I could, added in a CM1200 to replace the Xfinity Gateway, which worked ok, but I wanted better coverage even with the pods and some more advanced features. All is well with with the setup after a lot of tinkering, but when you go to set the parental controls you quickly learn they are missing. I guess I took something so simple for granted. Xfinity XFi worked great and we could control the time and apps for the kids and now.... nothing. Hundreds of dollar later. 


It is great we now have Armor, and all the other a la carte options Netgear wants to sell including support. But to not have a parental control option is awful especially on the higher end line. I cannot even put in the model here as they do not allow in the drop down. Anyone have any other suggestions? All of the forums and posts from NG say, 'no news but we are working on adding to our other routers.' How about your top of the line? 


My fault for missing this in the research before pulling the trigger but I will not recommend this to anyone who has young kids or teens they want to have basic controls over. Certainly not going to pay another $100/ year for another app to control and manage when iOS screentime gives you 80% of what you need but the router should have the controls built in. And, based on the other posts, it does not seem like investing in the add on module makes any sense. Why can't we get an honest and current update? 

Model: CM1200|Nighthawk Multi-Gig Speed Cable Modem
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Re: Circle Compatibility with New Orbi Wifi6 AX-6000

I got my Circle Home Plus (aka Circle v2) running and I think it's stable now with the Orbi AX.  It is configured for "compatibility mode" (under the router compatibility settings) and with the exception of my son's iPad Pro which he keeps claiming that one of his games would keep popping up "no internet connection" while in the middle of the game, everything else that Circle is managing - time limits, filters, etc. - are working.


It would be nice if Netgear incorporates the full Circle functionality into the firmware, and for those of us who bought the standalone Circle Home Plus (I have the lifetime subscription version), that we can just "enable" it to work without having to pay again.

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