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Circle time limit not working for Playstation

My Orbi with a Premium Circle subscription is supposed to stop a Playstation after a time limit is triggered, but this is not happening.

Other devices, e.g. Apple phone, can be successfully stopped with a time limit, but not the Playstation.

In fact, even when hit the pause button on the home screen in the Circle app nothing happens to the PS. I triple checked to make sure it was connected to my Orbi wifi network, and it is.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Thank you
Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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NETGEAR Moderator

Re: Circle time limit not working for Playstation

Hi Endothermic - I have received your message and responded.



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Re: Circle time limit not working for Playstation

I have a similar question. Can you please reply to the COMMUNITY and not just a private message to the initial poster? What's the point of having "community" boards for support, when the Moderators don't post responses to the community??

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Re: Circle time limit not working for Playstation

I have not yet been in touch with the Netgear team, but believe I may have cracked this.

Firstly I'm not an IT guru, so the description below will not be techy.

I started by going into the advanced settings of my broadband router (Vodafone), and discovered a DNZ mode (also called a bridge mode). This basically means that the broadband disables all firewall and security systems for a given IP number. The article below was very helpful.


I found my Orbi's IP and used this to create a DNZ/bridge mode on the Vodafone router. You also need to assign a static IP to Orbi, as the article suggests.

Then I turned off the wifi on my Voda router, leaving Orbi to be the sole wi-fi. My Orbi is connected to the Voda router using a Lan cable.

What I also discovered is that some Playstation games (e.g. Realm Royale or Fortnite) connect directly to an external IP, presumably to reduce lag. When my son starts a game, Orbi's time limit won't do anything, and he can keep playing until the battle ends. But once he goes to the lobby after the end of battle, Orbi time limit kicks in and he loses the internet.

So I got what I needed, and he gets to finish a game that starts before the time limit, which is better than being cut-off at the middle of a battle.

I'll see if this keeps working for a while and report back.

Good luck
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