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KMotion Video Surveillance 2.15a

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KMotion 2.15a

    • Description:
      Kmotion is a web based open source video surveillance front end to motion (the latest version of motion is included in this add-on). It aims to provide a complete web based video surveillance solution that can be accessed anywhere - from your home PC to a Cyber Cafe on the other side of the planet.

      For this add-on to work,the Python2.6 add-on has to be installed on your ReadyNAS.


    • Requirements:
        • Platform: Intel

      • RAIDiator Release: 4.2.16 or newer



    • Known Limitations

        • In this base version KMotion only supports network (IP) cameras

        • To use an USB camera, the USB drivers for ReadyNAS have to be installed (coming soon)

        • In this base version KMotion is able to save "frame movies" only, meaning a sequence of single images

        • To create SWF movies when motion is detected, a modified FFmpeg package for ReadyNAS is needed (coming soon)


    • Features:

        • Display features

          • 12 different display formats each showing any combination of camera feeds</li>
          • Interleave or sequential screen update modes</li>
          • Full screen on motion mode</li>
          • Low bandwidth mode (Only updates camera image every 15mins if no motion detected)</li>
          • Low CPU mode (Limits to 5fps overall)</li>
          • Four alternative CSS background color modes</li>
          • Save current display settings as defaults</li>
        • Pan tilt features on selected cameras

          • Auto park after n secs
          • 4 x presets activated by BASH scripts
          • Drivers (motion): stepper, iomojo, pwc, generic, uvcvideo
          • Drivers (kmotion): axis 213, axis 2130, Foscam, Panasonic BB-HCM, BL-C series, BB-HCS, KX-HCM110,280A and BB-HCE network cameras
          • Auto recalibrate mode
          • Independent X, Y step click settings
          • Button delay setting

        • Archive features

          • Color coded timeline in 5min increments, with activity indication
          • Select from avaliable dates
          • Select from avaliable cameras
          • Select filters
          • Select event or display mode
          • Highlight top 10% in event mode
          • Click events or timeline to start playback
          • Variable speed playback forward and reverse
          • Accelerated playback option
          • Single step frame mode forward and reverse
          • Event jumping forward and reverse

      • Configuration features

        • Secure config mode (Requires user changeable password)
        • Auto checking for later versions
        • Selective disabling of function buttons for 'keyosk' mode
        • Set camera feed from /dev/video0-15
        • Set camera feed from netcams with URL, proxy, name and password
        • Set camera feed image size
        • Set camera feed motion mask
        • Set camera feed title
        • Set camera feed motion rectangle
        • Set camera feed fps, frame and snap quality and movie quality
        • Set camera feed frame mode, movie mode, additional update mode
        • Set camera feed snapshot mode and delay
        • View live motion error output
        • View live server load


  • Details/Installation:

      • After installation of the add-on KMotion is already running and controlling the motion daemon. To access the web interface click on the "Access KMotion" link in FrontViews Add-on panel or call the IP address of your ReadyNAS with port number 8885 from your web browser.

      • Before you can use KMotion you need to configure it. The config panel is password protected. The default username is kmotion with the password kmotion. To access the main configuration screen click on the "Config" button in the lower right of KMotion's main screen.

      • The meaning of the main config options is explained in this video:

      • Please note: To make motion work on the ReadyNAS and play nicely with the latest version of the motion daemon some heavy changes needed to be made to the code. So please do not use the automatic update function mentioned in the video.

    • To add a network (IP) camera see this video:
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Posts: 3,146
Registered: ‎2008-01-15

Re: KMotion Video Surveillance 2.15a

Updated to: KMotion 2.15a 0.2.6

- Fixes a problem where KMotion could be started even when the add-on was disabled in config.
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