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Re: DGN2200 v3 wifi problem


DGN2200 v3 wifi problem

I changed the DGN2000 router to a DGN2200 used with a Samsung N13 netbook. The netbook receives the wifi signal as "excellent", 72 Mbps, but it cannot find any address I try to access. The netbook operates ok if I use a cable into the router. Our Nexus 7 pad is accessing the router useing wifi without any problem.
I have spoken to the Netgear support team and after a lot of searching and trying came up with no solution. They suggested that the netbook may be incompatable with the new router or it may need an upgrade. The netbook is about 3 years old
Does anyone have any ideas?
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Re: DGN2200 v3 wifi problem

Unless there is driver update can be done NetBoot you may want try static IP on NetBook

You can also try address reservation in under LAN setup in the router GUI and try that too
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Re: DGN2200 v3 wifi problem

Both routers use the Broadcom chipset. Obviously the DGN2200 is newer. Might be a DNS issue. Have you checked to make sure that the wireless card is getting DNS? Go to a command prompt and type:

ipconfig /all

And look at the wireless adapter entry. If it doesn't look right, make the necessary changes to DNS in the wireless adapter properties. Might help to compare the wired with the wireless properties.
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