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EoP with DGND3700v2


EoP with DGND3700v2

Hi guys,

Thinking of using two routers in my house,
but essentially i would like to use the DGND3700v2 as my secondary router (tp-link modem -> belkin router) at the dsl wall point, and then run EoP to the other end of the house where i will have the Netgear Router.

Only problem i can see is that i'm not sure how to input from the power socket to the router, as it won't be a DSL input but ethernet... is it possible to run it through the cable/fibre gigabit ethernet? or is it possible to have an ethernet -> dsl cable?

any help would be great 🙂
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Re: EoP with DGND3700v2

If you want to connec the device as router, check WAN setup. There is an option to change the WAN preference to use ethernet instead of DSL. At the back of the router there is a black port which use to connect to other modem and use the device as the router.
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