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How to set Netgear FVS338 as "Interior Router"?


How to set Netgear FVS338 as "Interior Router"?

Hi. Everyone.
Happy new year!
I got a NETGEAR FVS338 ProSafe VPN Firewall Router. I planned to use it as Interior Router that seating in back of my Sagemcom Gateway F@st 5366 TN-A.
I'm running quite few business application servers in my home office. The Sagemcom networks configured as:
Local IPv4 Address<br>
Local Subnet Mask<br>
Local Ethernet Mac address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx<br>
Public IPv4 Address 58.105.xxx.xxx<br>
Public Subnet Mask<br>
Default Gateway<br>
Primary DNS Server<br>
Secondary DNS Server<br>
When FVS338 plugged into sagemcom network, configured it as:
Screen Shot 2022-12-31 at 10.19.55 am.png
From above image you can see, I had created a different network ( for Netgear FVS338 LAN under Sagemcom network ( Wan side (Broadband configure) have IP address seating sagemcom networks as Netgear gateway IP.
I tried add router to my MacOS Host in Sagemcom network to access subnet by run [sudo route -n add -net]
Then, I set up NetGear FVS338 [Security] -> [Firewall] -> [Attack Checks] -> [WAN Security Checks] by tick [Respond to Ping on Internet Ports].
Then, I ping and success
Then, When I tried to configure [LAN WAN Rules] by add an [Inbound Services] to expose host that seat in NetGear FVS3338 network. 
Screen Shot 2022-12-31 at 8.18.19 pm.png
I tried to ping the exposed host under Netgear FVS338, but I never get it through.
I login to Netgear FVS338 from command line by USING CLI, and ping from Netgear FVS338 self, the ping works fine, but I ping from WAN side (Sagemcom network), I never get it through.
I am very confused. Any idea?
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Re: How to set Netgear FVS338 as "Interior Router"?



Welcome to the community! 🙂


As far as I have checked, there are no settings dedicated to configure the FVS388 as the "Interior Router."  Also, you will encounter a Double NAT scenario since the FVS388 is behind another router.  To learn more about Double NAT, kindly access the article below:


What is double NAT and why is it bad?




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