Setting up my web site

I got this Gigabite router since I have a Cox giga bite modem.

Here is my problem I switched from a Linksys 10/100 router to this NetGear 10/100/1000 router and there are so many other settings that the Linksys didn't have I am unable to use the NetGear router.

My friend set up my Linksys several years ago and when He tried to setup the Net He was totally lost with the huge amount of new settings so He couldn't get the Net to work with my web site.

So I removed the Net and hooked up the Link so the web site would be on line.

Has anyone worked on a problem such as this??

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Re: Setting up my web site

Hi TheSouthernGent,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy 


What is the specific model of your NETGEAR router? 


Kindly follow the steps below:


1. Connect your main PC directly to the Cox modem and make sure that you can access the internet.

2. Disconnect the main PC from the Cox modem.

3. Connect the Cox modem to the WAN port of your NETGEAR router. 

4. Connect your main PC to any LAN port of your NETGEAR router. 

5. Access the web-GUI of your NETGEAR router.  The username and password is 'admin' and 'password' respectively without the quotation marks.

6. Go to Network Configuration > WAN Settings > Broadband ISP Settings. 

     a. Select Yes on "Does your Internet Connection Require a Login?

     b. Select PPPoE and Keep Connected on the ISP Type Section.

     c. Select "Get Dynamically from ISP" and "Get Automatically from ISP" respectively.

     d. Click Apply. 

7. Go to Network Configuration > WAN Settings > Broadband ISP Settings. Then, click the Advanced option arrow in the upper right of the screen.

8. On the Router's MAC Address option section, select "Use this computer's MAC Address then click Apply. 

9. Check if you can get online through the NETGEAR router.


Note: You might need to reboot your devices if you can't get online.  Here is the reboot procedure:


a. Power off the Cox modem and the NETGEAR router. Make sure that the Cox modem is totally turned off.

b. After a few seconds, power on the Cox modem first and wait for it to initialize.

c. After the Cox modem has initialized, power on the NETGEAR router.  The WAN port LED should lit up green.

d. Check if you can go online through the NETGEAR router.



Hope it helps. Smiley Happy 





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Re: Setting up my web site

Good morning,
I just got up an hour ago.  Fixed my coffee to take my hand full of diabetic pills.  Its under control.
Then called a few stores to get 2 new HD's for my server.  Figured since one of them was having some trouble of some kind I would replace both of them and then restart the system and try and get the router and server working together so my web site can be accessed.
I have my own server that I have been using for the last 20 or so years.  I have over 35 pages with pictures and a dozen links to other sites that I personally can vouch for.
The router on top says Netgear ProSafe FVS318G.
The web site address is

When I get back with the 2 new HD's I will try what you explained for me to do to get it up an running.



Model: FVL328|Cable/DSL ProSafe VPN Firewall Router|EOL
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Re: Setting up my web site



I just want to follow-up on this.  Were you able to try the steps I have suggested?  If yes, what is the result?





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Re: Setting up my web site

Greetings Dane

I haven't had a chance to switch over to the Netgear.

I had to replace the HD was giving me trouble and then I reset the old 10/100 router and then had trouble resetting it  because the web site had to get info from a couple site where certain program helped my site to maintain and back up and keep track of all those who looked at my site and since Cox constantly changed the IP address I had to have a program that keep my web sites IPcorrectly entered so people could log on to the site.

But any way I printed out you instruction/help hints and when I get back on line with the server I will try and switch over to the NetGear router.  I have had a few other things that had me else where for a time being.

Thanks for asking...


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