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Blocking outgoing packages on a port


Blocking outgoing packages on a port

Dear NETGEAR community,


I run the M4300-52G-PoE+ ProSAFE on the latest firmware version "" in a very minimalistic configuration:

  • There exists only one VLAN 1 where all ports are assigned to (plus one configuration VLAN 2)
  • All features of the M4300 are turned off, so it actually acts as a common unmanaged switch
  • 3 devices are attached to VLAN 1
    • Port 50: Uplink
    • Port 14: PC1 (device with MAC address "22:A8:2E:21:CA:1C")
    • Port 3: PC2

My goal is as follows:

  • PC1 and PC2 are allowed to communicate
  • PC2 and Uplink are allowed to communicate
  • PC1 and Uplink are not allowed to communicate (Any package from PC1 may not leave Uplink)

My current approach:

I though of configuring an ACL as in the attached image. But as soon as I apply the rule, all communication over Uplink is blocked. Am I missing something or do I misuse ACL? It would be nice if some could clearify my issue or at least give a hint, how I can accomplish my goal.


Kind regards 

Model: GSM4352PA|M4300-52G-PoE+ - 48x1G PoE+ Stackable Managed Switch with 2x10GBASE-T and 2xSFP+ (550W PSU)
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Re: Blocking outgoing packages on a port



Welcome to our community! 🙂


Using ACL where the PC 1 is connected should be configured. You may check it here on how to use ACL.





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