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Re: GS724T Switch Hardware Version ID


GS724T Switch Hardware Version ID

I have a very similar problem to other posts ... inherited a Netgear GS724T smart switch but do not know the model version number and how to upgrade firmware. Below is a summary of the relevant switch status information for the GS724T I need to upgrade (I think this implies a V2 switch). Could some one help me and describe if I have to do the firmware updates serailly (in order) or is it OK to jump directly to the latest?

Product Name: GS724T
Firmware Version: V1.0.0_0429
Protocol Version: 2.001.002
DHCP: Disable
IP Address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
MAC address: 00-14-6c-0a-33-15


P.S. I have a second GS724Tv3 with firmware version (its up to date) and would like to get these synced in firmware so I can do some additonal troubleshooting.



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Re: GS724T Switch Hardware Version ID



Welcome to the Community!


Can you locate the label on the switch? From the version currently installed it might be a possible V1 or V2. It Usually says the version on the label GS724T-200***


Regarding update, the version is not showing as available but once we have determined the version of the switch it would be best to continue upgrading the switch in a ladderized manner.



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Re: GS724T Switch Hardware Version ID

We're facing some almost two decades old GS724Tv1 or v2 hardware platform.


-> https://www.netgear.com/support/product/GS724Tv1.aspx#download 

-> https://www.netgear.com/support/product/GS724Tv2.aspx#download 


Either way the Smart Wizard Utility  https://www.netgear.com/support/product/Smart%20Wizard%20Utility.aspx is required.


For detailed insight, consult the "View Previous Versions" and the "View Current Version" - there are docs or readmes included.


For detailed actions or processes, please feel free to ask . I'll try to find some Netgear friends with insight.


Scratch the idea having same versions in sync - we it's about features/functionality and and probelm fixes. 

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