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Loop detected but feature not enabled


Loop detected but feature not enabled

I'm getting this error on two our netgear switches. So on this switch it is showing the error you see below. I'm not sure what feature its referring to. I enabled layer 2 loop guard (from my understanding this is for things like hubs) and loop guard on both the local and other side of the link. If I go to the other side, it'll show the same thing but on ports 2 and 16 which go over to cisco switches. So I guess my question is what "feature" is it referring to. Has any one had this particular error before? I'm trying to find the source of the supposed loop with no luck as we have a cisco/netgear environment and cisco doesn't seem to be just outright saying "loop detected" 




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Re: Loop detected but feature not enabled

Neither an error nor a supposed loop.


Message more or less clearly says some STP BPDU is ignored. This does indicate some STP activity, not the active loop guard sending out specifcly crafted frames whih are used to monitor the other ports ... this is what would report a real loop then. 

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Re: Loop detected but feature not enabled

@schumaku Thank you for the reply. Forgive me as its my first time working with Netgear products. So correct me anywhere I'm wrong but If I'm to understand what you're saying, its that this is simply a message that is indicating that STP is doing its thing, ignoring PDUs that could cause a loop but its ignoring the PDU so it doesn't. I mean, out side of these log messages, I haven't noticed any issues with our network in terms of it being slow or coming to a halt. 


If I'm correct in that assumption, my next question would be is how to get it to stop spamming it multiple times a second? I suppose I could disable spanning-tree notifications and enable it when I suspect an issue with it but I'd rather not do that but at the same time, it makes troubleshooting other issues via log messages a bit difficult as only so many log messages can be on that page so unless I catch the problem at the exact point in time, as soon as I refresh, all I see is the notification about ignored PDU

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