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Warranty commitment


Warranty commitment

We have sent the GS748T to winco for repair last year in december, however, we have not received reply until we kept asking for.

We was advised that they have no parts to repair, then they said they needed to replace but there is no stock for replacement,

By the way, we can see the GS748T is having stock in market. I don't understand  the warranty commitment of Netgear, is it mean warranty client is at the last priority to have the repairing service. We need the switch for our network, 3 months repairing is really unreasonable for network devices.

What can we do? Go to buy a new switch? 

Model: GS748Tv3|ProSafe 48 port gigabit smart switch
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Re: Warranty commitment

For the uninformed reader here: Who is winco?


A warranty replacement (Netgear does rarely repair your device right away, units are swapped for timing reasons) does start on https://my.netgear.com/ - click on the device, locate the [Replace my defective device] and follow the guidance.

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Re: Warranty commitment

Winco us the Hong Kong distributor, they collected the device.
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Re: Warranty commitment

Hi HKCUser,


Welcome to our community! 🙂


We do apologize for the inconvenience. If that is the case, Winco will be the one that will process the RMA to NETGEAR. The device could possibly void its warranty if they did repair the unit. Next time, you should process the RMA by yourself on your NETGEAR account.





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