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Is Netgear Armor worth it?


Is Netgear Armor worth it?

My house has multiple PCs and I’m wondering if Netgear Armor is necessary to protect my WiFi. I already have Bitdefender but I was planning on switching to Linux which means I can’t use Bitdefender. The fee is extremely large and I’m just wondering is this going to be worth it?

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Re: Is Netgear Armor worth it?

That's not something we can tell you. 

That comes down to your own preferences and what you use it for. 

I run basic antivirus/malware software plus a pihole and don't pay for bitdefender/armor but I'm also much more cautious with what I do online and my family has pretty go knowledge of what to avoid/not access/click on. So for me it doesn't make sense. 

if you've got someone in the family that is great at clicking on all those emails of "click here for your refund/Nigerian prince fund/etc" then it might be more worth it. Especially if you don't fix your own things. (but if you're running Linux, you're not your average home user)


And there is a free trial for 30 days you could always try and see how it works for your setup. 


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