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Netgear services


Netgear services

Ugh ... Netgear's login structure and services are a hot mess.


In order to get to the community, I had to reset a password and create a whole new forum account to get to post here.


Anyway, I subscribe to Gearhead and Armor - and I need to know how to change the payment information for both.


If they had discrete websites this wouldn't be a problem - but with Netgear, everything is cross-linked and under strange inherited IDs, and actual customer service websites don't really appear to exist.


Does anyone know how to change the payment info for these two services?


Currently, they're being paid by an Amazon Rewards Visa which rewards me with the ability to buy more counterfeit Chinese goods from Mr. Bezos - I want to change over to Apple Card which at least sends me rewards which don't have to be used at the company store.


Thanks in advance for any pertinent information.


-- Verne

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Re: Netgear services

Hi @VerneArase, I have sent you a message. Please check your inbox.



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