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"UNKNOWN ERROR" when I hit SECURITY in Nighthawk APP

"UNKNOWN ERROR" when I hit SECURITY in Nighthawk APP



When I’m in armor.netgear.com under DEVICES, my old iPhone 7 and my wife’s old iPhone 6 both show up as detected (I have recently removed those 2 phones), but it does not detect my new iPhone 12 nor my wife’s new iPhone 11.


When I delete my Nighthawk APP and then try to put it back on my iPhone 12, within the process I reach a brick wall:

On top of a page that reads “NETGEAR Account Login”, I get a statement that reads “We don’t recognize this device” followed below by “We sent a push notification to Neil’s iPhone to verify your identity. This screen will automatically disappear when verified”.  However, I never receive that push notification!  Then I hit “Resend Push Notification” and this message appears:  Unable to login and below it states “We can’t verify your account.  Please try again or click on try another method to login by other available options”.  I am able to bypass this roadblock by using another verification method – using a code that is sent to my email account.  However, it appears as though to me that my NETGEAR account does not know how to recognize my new iPhone 12 and/or how to verify my account – that could be why I get the same UNKNOWN ERROR when I hit SECURITY in the Nighthawk APP.  I get that UNKOWN ERROR while the APP is trying to validate the account/verify account information!


PLEASE HELP ME as this has been going on now for 15 days - I have tried everything and spent countless hours talking to Netgear Tech Support!






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Re: "UNKNOWN ERROR" when I hit SECURITY in Nighthawk APP

Armor has its own bolt hole:


NETGEAR Armor - NETGEAR Communities


You might do better to try there.

Just another user with a set of boilerplate macros.

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