Introducing Smart Parental Controls


Introducing Smart Parental Controls

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Creating the safest online experience for your kids is important, and Smart Parental Controls makes it easy. Built into select NETGEAR WiFi routers and systems, Smart Parental Controls solutions offer a number of ways to manage your children’s online activity and promote good online habits for the family – and with Premium, you can do even more. Smart Parental Controls comes in two flavors depending on your product.


To learn more please visit: NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls 




You're in control of your kids’ internet connection.

  • Pause internet– Pause internet when it's dinner time, study time, or time to take out the growing pile of trash. Simply un-pause to get back online.
  • Create profiles– Create custom profiles for each family member and manage online time by individual.




Get insights into your kids’ online activity, both on home WiFi and LTE.

  • Device usage– Get a detailed report of your kids’ internet usage across all their devices.
  • Website history– See what sites have been visited and block any sites you deem inappropriate.
  • My Time app– Install My Time onto your kids’ devices so they can see their screen time and follow time limits. The app also ensures your internet rules apply even when they’re connected to LTE instead of home WiFi.

*These features require Premium Subscription. Get a 30-day free trial; no credit card required. $7.99/month or $69.99/year after end of trial.




Promote a balance between online and offline time by setting boundaries.

  • Content filter - Choose the most age-appropriate content filters. Use our recommended pre-set filters or customize them to fit what’s best for your kids.
  • Time limits – Set a limit on gaming, social media, or streaming to help your kids step away from the screen.
  • Bedtime - Sleep is essential. Schedule custom bedtimes and encourage healthy sleep schedules for you and your family when it’s lights out time.
  • Rewards – Motivate your kids by rewarding their good behavior with more internet time.
  • Off time – Set some time aside for dinner or family gatherings without confiscating any devices.

*These features require Premium Subscription. Get a 30-day free trial; no credit card required. $7.99/month or $69.99/year after end of trial.




My Time by NETGEAR, included with Smart Parental Controls, allows you to manage your kids’ mobile devices, see how they spend time online, and make sure your internet rules apply even when your children are connected to the internet away from home. Download the My Time by NETGEAR app onto your kids’ mobile devices as part of your NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls Premium subscription – no additional purchase or subscription necessary. Learn more here.


To learn which features your NETGEAR product supports (under "This article applies to") and how to activate your 30-day free trial please check out: How do I start my 30-day free trial of NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls?





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