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ST1000NM0033 Constellation ES.3 - 1TB


ST1000NM0033 Constellation ES.3 - 1TB

Seems to work ok.

ReadyNAS NV, Firmware 4.1.12

Installed single new drive and reset to factory defaults. So far, so good. I'll let it run for a week or two then if everything is still ok I'll pick up another so I have some redundancy.
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Re: ST1000NM0033 Constellation ES.3 - 1TB

Hi Derek,

I am interested in the outcome of your test because I consider upgrading my NV+ with a pack of Constellation ES.3 drives (4x2TB version + 2 spare), too.

Please share your experience. Thank you in advance,

NAS 1: NV+ (v1), 1GB, 4x 500GB (Seagate Barracuda ES, ST3500630NS), up since 2008 (down only for mainteneance); I have two more such disks spare (never used them)
NAS 2: upcoming but to be selected VERY SOON (I run out of disk space), Candidates RN316 or Syn DS1513+, disks 2TB or 3TG Constellation ES.2/3
I hope to find a cost-effective migration path (first BACKUP NAS, then put 2 new disks in old NAS and restore, later upgrade case, later add more disks, etc.)
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Re: ST1000NM0033 Constellation ES.3 - 1TB

Hi Kai,

Sorry for not responding earlier, but I never check this forum. The drive is working fine. I just added another and it is syncing now.
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