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Unwanted email alerts from 3312 and 3220


Unwanted email alerts from 3312 and 3220

-> ReadyNAS 3312 running 6.10.1

-> ReadyNAS 3220 running 6.9.3

Yesterday we had several few seconds power outages; after last outgage, both Readynas send email alert every hour, despite their web interface show both psu as OK; now i cleared their logs, and alerts seem not to arrive anymore.

I must say that il Logs section (inside Admin Page) PSU1 red error is logged precisely every hour, i think starting when the real outage happened last time.

I would like to investigate and understand better this behaviour.

Thanks in advange.




Model: RN3220|ReadyNAS 3220 (Diskless)
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Re: Unwanted email alerts from 3312 and 3220

Hi @AndB39it, may I ask whether you have your nas behind one or more ups (uninterruptible power supply)? And, if the answer is no, may I recommend to support your nas by ups in the future to reduce the probability of experiencing situations like this? Beyond the annoying email alerts you potentially could also suffer from severe data loss in cases like this without being protected by ups.

Kind regards

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Re: Unwanted email alerts from 3312 and 3220

Our Nas are Ups protected, but not on both power supply unit; indeed i did not notice service interruption in services offered by them (the did not poweroff/reboot).

If this (not having both psu under ups) is an acceptable practice i don't know, actually is what we are doing.


I'm trying to investigate this: we had almost 5/6 power outages, the last of them at about 1:50 AM; from logs of other devices, no more power outages after 1:50 AM.

But both Nas sent email at 1:50 (correct), at 2:50, 3:50 ........ 7:50.

Clearing logs from their web GUI seems to stop email alerts, i think.




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Re: Unwanted email alerts from 3312 and 3220

Is the PSU reported in the logs and email the one not on the UPS, or does it not say?  Since most ReadyNAS don't have dual power supplies, this could be a bug that doesn't affect most users.  That should be an acceptable practice, with the one not on the UPS protecting you from an UPS failure.  But maybe the hardware, rather than the siftware, requires that you acknowlege the one supply "was bad" when the other was not; though I would expect that would also not show both power supplies as green.


My RN4200V2 running OS6 doesn't have dual power supply monitoting by the OS, so I can't test it.

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Re: Unwanted email alerts from 3312 and 3220

I have to apologize; Netgear ReadyNas units behaved correctly, sending email alerts all the time (one alert every hour) one of their PSU was not powered. I was somehow deceived by the behaviour of devices of other vendors (that send only one alert, when problem starts) and by not being informed of exact moment when power was restablished.

Thanks for your support. Regards.


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