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Genie doesn't work right with language set to Auto


Genie doesn't work right with language set to Auto

There should have been nothing unusual about the incident: a burst of errors caused my router (a DGND3700v2) to lose its ADSL connection. It was just a one-off spike and as per usual, the connection was reestablished a few seconds later. Except, this time, when the connection was reestablished, only the physical connection was reestablished but internet access was not.

I pointed my browser to the router to see what was going on. From what happened next, it looks as if the router had lost its ISP config parameters: instead of the admin login screen, Genie came up with a message "You are not yet connected to the internet, do you want Netgear Genie to help?", with 3 options: (1) Yes (2) No, I want to configure the internet connection myself (3) restore settings from file. I selected the 2nd option and clicked next.

Result: nothing happened. I didn't want options 1 or 3 but I tried them just to see if something would happen. Which it did. But option 2? Nothing... I reset the router to factory settings and tried again. No change. I had been using IE11 up to now, and who knows, let's try firefox V36 instead. That indeed made a difference. Now option (2) did something. Although anomalies continued: immediately after clicking Next, a blank dialog box came up. It had OK and Cancel buttons but no text. I clicked OK and up came the familiar Genie Home page. I wanted to change the IP address, but when I clicked Apply, another strange dialog box came up. It said "undefined", with OK and Cancel buttons. I clicked OK. The IP address change had not been applied. I updated the FW from V1.1.00.22 to V1.1.00.23. No change.

Then one random thought that struck me was the language selection combo box in the upper right-hand corner. It had been set to Auto. When I changed it to English, Genie behaved normally.

Conclusion: Genie must have been confused about the language. With language set to auto, it must be looking at locale settings to determine the language. It gave me blank dialog boxes because it couldn't work out my language and therefore couldn't find the right text for my language. And the reason why "nothing happened" under IE (see above) is probably related. I don't know that there is anything unusual about the locale settings on my computers. It's English Win7-64, location = UK. But anyway, if Genie can't work out the language, I suppose it's meant to default to English. Why didn't it do so in my case?

Although I've mainly been talking about Genie's language confusion, let's briefly come back to what got me here: something caused my router to lose its ISP settings (username & password). The router behaved as if its internet connection had never been set up. How did that happen?
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Re: Genie doesn't work right with language set to Auto

Hi @BozeWolf,


The connection may have been reset from the ISP or a possible firmware glitch. I recommend doing a firmware reflash.


You can find the latest firmware using the link below:




Refer to the link below for the instructions:







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