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Can't login into Parental Controls Bypass count using Genie


Genie issues

I use the Genie app to set my guest account for specific times. For example I set it to make the guest account open for the next 5 hours. The problem is that when the time is up, the app pops a model window asking me to confirm and until I do, the account is still active. This means a I can't set it and forget it, making the functionality effectively useless since I have to be at my computer to click the OK button. How can I stop this confirmation process and have complete the action without my intervention.

Also... since the last genie update I'm getting crashes almost daily with a C++ library error message.

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Re: Genie issues

Not a bunch of options. What's conventionally available to you. The wireless radios can be turned on and off on a schedule using wireless setting under Advanced Options in the Router's GUI. This means all wireless brodcasts on 2.4 and/or the 5Ghz network can run on a schedule without intervention. BUT, you don't get to choose to keep you non guest 2.4 or 5Ghz on while the Guest is off (same band), or vice versa. Other alternative is putting your guest network on one band and your local on another. Or, leave your guest network on all the time and secure it, but do not allow access to your local LAN segment. (However, I think I read a thread elsewhere that states this isolation isn't working correctly) I don't use a guest network so I haven't bothered to investigate. If you are a programmer you could probably write a script that could acknowledge the prompt and disable the network, but I have no knowledge of your background. Consider another product... something a little higher end. Consumer grade products don't always have "all the bells and whistles" Someone else here may have other suggestions.
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Can't login into Parental Controls Bypass count using Genie

I just purchased router WNR2000v3. I set up all OpenDNS filtering and added several bypass accounts. I can login to the accounts using desktop User Utility. I am having trouble figuring out how to login into the Bypass accounts on Mobile devices using Genie. Genie works fine with maintaining the router settings, by I ant to be able to login using Bypass accounts. What I am missing? 😞
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