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Re: temp qos fix for me


temp qos fix for me

if you are having problems with qos try taking device out of high prioroitization i noticed every time i set mt xbox box in the hpt my qos was nolonger working. also upnp causes hpt not to work so just fiddle around. if you are assigning ports through hpt this is not going to help qos still causes qos to stop working

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: temp qos fix for me

How did you add it to TP? What do you mean assigning ports makes QoS not work?
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Re: temp qos fix for me

Hello @Netduma-Fraser,  I am not entirely sure if I have the same issue as the o.p.


Yet for me, my issue is that if I set my QoS C.C option to; 25% download, 15% upload or whatever percentage for that matter, and I have the always on option enabled it will limit the speed test to those limits (in this case speed test through my xbox network settings option page, and is working as intended).


However, if I add the xbox into the traffic prioritization option ( I select my device, and use the advanced option to allow the destination port to use 1-65535 tcp/udp) then use the xbox network settings speed test, it will no longer adhere to the congestion control settings that I have enabled, it will pull my full bandwith of internet to their speed test server. (In this case, the last test through xbox received 936mb down and 136 up.( I have my C.C. option set to always on, 87mb down, 89mb up, my internet is at&t fiber 1g down, 1 g up, I have router network speed set using auto detect at 348 down, 593 up). I am not sure if that is how the T.P setting is intended to function but I hope this info helps

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Re: temp qos fix for me

@dmar613 that is normal as Traffic Prioritization supersedes Congestion Control. Normally this isn't a problem as you're just prioritizing game traffic but as you prioritized too many ports including those used for normal web traffic/downloads that results in the speed test being prioritized and reporting closer to the speeds you pay for.
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