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New - XR450/XR500 Firmware Version Released


Re: New - XR450/XR500 Firmware Version Released



Still getting QOS error: device not found 


Things tried:

Downgrade back to version .130 and did a hard reset, upgraded to version .134


The connection benchmark does not match the actual number IPS speed number. 


Any thoughts? 



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Re: New - XR450/XR500 Firmware Version Released

Could you please repeat the process but instead downgrade to the 114 firmware, linked below.


Once downgraded factory reset either through the interface or by holding the button on the back for thirty seconds.


Then re-upgrade and don't factory reset after the upgrade.

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Re: New - XR450/XR500 Firmware Version Released

Hi Liam - do you have any idea when the next version is coming out for the XR500 please?

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Re: New - XR450/XR500 Firmware Version Released

@domino138 we post any and all potential updates on the status of firmware here: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000132677-dumaos-firmware-progress outside of that we don't have any extra information to give
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Re: New - XR450/XR500 Firmware Version Released

My XR500 had a problem - documented here:

...where it would sporadically restart and reset.  Since upgrading to .134, I haven't experienced this again.  But I also hadn't reserved any addresses.  Earlier this week, I reserved one device and address in the LAN.  My DHCP is set to - 254.


The morning after I made the reservation, my router restarted and reset - just like it had previously.  


Is anyone else experiencing this...and is there ever going to be any relief?

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Re: New - XR450/XR500 Firmware Version Released

I recommend that you leave the DHCP IP address pool range set to a smaller range. You don't have to use the default range. I personally never use the factory range on any NG router. Also this provides room for static IP addressed devices as well. I use .100 to .150 as I only have around 30 devices. Plenty of room for additional devices if and when that happens. 


We hope so, however don't have that info. 

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Re: New - XR450/XR500 Firmware Version Released

That is odd, I would suggest going through and reserving IP addresses outside the DHCP range, then see if you experience any further disconnections after that.

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