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Re: Wi-Fi poor


Wi-Fi poor

Hello all I have been upgraded to VM 600mbs but the router was awful, I purchased the nighthawk XR1000 Router, switched and set up no issues. Hard wired I get max speed, however the Wi-Fi is poor in that I move to my kitchen approx 30 odd feet away and the Wi-Fi is nil or non existent so I bought a mesh EX6410 extender which I hoped would solve the issue but alas it does not, even close to the router the speed of the extender is very, very poor with no real difference and still have dead spots in the house, have a bought the wrong extender, thoughts please and any advice would be great 

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Re: Wi-Fi poor

extenders still need a decent signal to connect to so it can rebroadcast. 

So maybe we should start back at square 1 and figure out whats going on with the XR1000. 

How big is your home? 

What are the interior walls made of?

When you're the "30 odd feet away" what is in between the route and the device you're testing on? 

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Re: Wi-Fi poor

Disable Smart Connect and connect to 2.4/5GHz manually, you may also want to use a WiFi analyzer to find the least congested channel and change to that. Where is the router placed exactly, e.g. on the floor, on a metal shelf etc?
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