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XR1000 broken upnp, no vpn , no firmware updates


XR1000 broken upnp, no vpn , no firmware updates

HI there,


For a supposeduly flagship product  there are no firmware updates for this router since last year!  It seems its abandoned.


No betas as well at all. I tried v1.0.0.53 but that version broke QOS and geo filter... fixed upnp though... hybrid VPN didnt work either.


UPNP is broken and will give you moderate nat always, with DMZ enabled it works but the (in  this case)  gaming device gets scanned gazzilion times per day and no option for second console too. 


CPU 0 and 1 are flying higjh and devices still disconnect once in a while , CPU2 is always idle though.


Also, its impossible to connect to device on 2.4 ghz with an device from 5ghz wi fi. For example to manage Naim speaker and listen to music it seems its too much for this little baby.


Naim streaming gets disconnected too quite often, never happens before or if I switch  to backup network. This all heave telltale signs of rushed in product with 0 support...


Becasue  upnp doesnt work , i assume service as Naim keeps just disconnecting. Only device that works well is the one in DMZ ....


Hybrid VPN is completely missing since beggining and speed test is broken as well. I am on fiber 1000 /1000 , upload goes only untill 500 and ping times under load are 40-70 ms which never happened on lesser routers.... 


Not a big issue coz I do not have many devices using significant bandwith but still, it should work better...


Last but not least I would like to mention very poor wi fi reach, with all the bells and whistles it should behave better then ISP provided router but it doesnt...


Anyhow, the question is , are you at least working on new firmware (some ETA please )  or completely abandoned it??




Model: XR700|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR1000 broken upnp, no vpn , no firmware updates

You can't have two devices in the DMZ, Open NAT will be fixed for the next version. HybridVPN isn't missing it was just not included on this router, it may be included in future versions. We're working on improving the reporting of Benchmark, it doesn't mean those are the speeds and ping under load that you have. A new version should be available relatively soon
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Re: XR1000 broken upnp, no vpn , no firmware updates

I am looking for a different version of the music player.

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