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C7800 and signal going to Comcast


C7800 and signal going to Comcast

Comcast says they are not getting a signal back from my modem which they call a CNTS signal. I have been dropping service multiple times suddenly in the last few days. Speeds are great. Comcast says it’s the modem and I kind of believe them...
Model: C7800|Nighthawk X4S-AC3200 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: C7800 and signal going to Comcast

tough to go on with that limited info. 

do you have a screen snip of the cable connections page and the event logs? that helps us to check the signal. 

I'd also recommend removing any splitters, amplifiers, or signal attenuators in the line. Check for kinks, damage, old/bad/cheap connectors in the coax line. 

Preferably, move the modem to right where the coax enters the home and attach it there. This prevents wiring in the home from being the issue. 

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