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Nighthawk S8000 Switch - Can not Connect


Nighthawk S8000 Switch - Can not Connect

I am having problems connecting to my switch.


Setup as follows:


Internet comes into Virgin Hub 3 in modem mode

Network cable from hub 3 to Nest Wifi

Network Cable from Nest Wifi to S8000 switch


The IP range of all devices on the network is different to that which the Netgear Switch Discovery Tool says it finds for the S8000.

The tool finds the Switch and gives it's IP, but when clicking "Admin Page" it times out and won't connect.


The same happens with routerlogin.com and routerlogin.net


Would really prefer not to do a hard reset if possible as various static IPs have been set in the switch previously. Also, I am worried if I reset and then can't connect that I'm stuck not being able to get to set up the switch after the reset and lots of my devices can't connect.


Any suggestions welcomed. TIA

Model: GS808E|Nighthawk S8000 Gaming & Streaming Advanced 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch
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Re: Nighthawk S8000 Switch - Can not Connect

Forgot to add, the reason this is important right now is that since replacing Google Wifi points with Nest Wifi points, my Phillips hue and Energenie hubs will not connect to the network, despite power cycling every single network device.

These are the only things which will not connect, I assume that in the past I set a static IP for them and for some unkown reason the hubs can not find those IPs any more.

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Re: Nighthawk S8000 Switch - Can not Connect

Update - Managed to log in to the switch after holding the reset button for 5 seconds to reset it to DCHP mode.


The hubs are connected to the network, but will not connect to the internet 😞

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Re: Nighthawk S8000 Switch - Can not Connect

You have posted your message in the section of this community given over to Nighthawk WiFi Routers. (This is easily done, given Netgear's impenetrable community structure.)

You might get more help, and find earlier questions and answers about your hardware, in the appropriate section for your device. That's probably here:


Nighthawk Pro Gaming Switches - NETGEAR Communities

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