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The Softwave Inc. - Legitimate or Scam?


The Softwave Inc. - Legitimate or Scam?

Has anyone else had tech support provided by Softwave?  Am trying to determine if they are legitimate.

My experience:

I have an Orbi RBR50 router and two RBS50 satellites.  Started having an issue with one satellite where the LED light was blinking white and the satellite status said "Disconnected" on the Orbi admin website (orbilogin.com) that shows the connected satellites and devices.  My system is 5 years old and out of warranty so I checked the Netgear website to find out how to fix.  

I was on this page when a chat box popped up asking if I needed help:


The chat box look legitimate.  It might have even said "NETGEAR Concierge" at the top.

I described the problem in the chat box.  Chat box asked if a tech support person could call me.  Gave them my phone number and received a call within 10 minutes.   The guy (Domnic Khosla) said he was with Softwave and that they are authorized to provide tech support for Netgear products.

Softwave website:   https://thesoftwave.com/

Domnic tried to fix my satellite for 3 hours!  Rebooting/syncing/connecting satellite via ethernet cable etc.  He finally concluded that the satellite firmware is corrupted and can't be fixed.  

He then recommended a 4-year unlimited tech support plan that included installing Webroot SecureAnywhere anti-virus software on my Mac.


It was after 1AM, I was exhausted and agreed to the plan.  $499.99 for 4 years.  Now concerned that I may have been scammed.

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Re: The Softwave Inc. - Legitimate or Scam?

NG has nothing to do with this site or any services. 
Use at your own risk. 

Always come to the forums here or contact NG offical support here:


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