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Nighthawk mesh slow speed


Re: Nighthawk mesh slow speed

Customer Support,

I am having the same issue as others. When I connect directly to modem/wifi router provided by my ISP then speed is over 300MBPS downloads/uploads. As soon I connect Mesh router with cat 5.e ethernet cable the speed drops to 93MBPS. Though speed test using Nighthawk App in my phone, it shows expected speed of 300MBPS but none of my devices, computer, phone, security camera, etc. are getting close to 300mbps speed. BTW, the firmware is updated recently to v1.1.6.122  

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Re: Nighthawk mesh slow speed

If I am reading this correctly, you are connecting the Nighthawk router via ethernet to your ISP router. I would suggest shutting down the wireless services on you ISP router when doing this to eleminate any interference in the wireless signals. Before connecting the Nighthawk, I would take a laptop and connect it to the ISP ethernet port and do a hardwired speed test. Let's say you have 1 Gig comming down to that port. Now, connect the Nighthawk router and do a wireless speed test with your phone. If you have a Wi-Fi 6 phone, you should get between 500 and 800 Mbps. Yes, you lose at least 20% off the bat with the best phone. If you have a wifi 5 phone you will get around 300 Mbps, or maybe up to 500 Mbps. If you have satellite sysyems, that reduces your speed even further. I use the Nighthawk as the primary unit being a simple cable modem. On the main router, I get 800 Mbps with my Wi-Fi 6 phone. But I only get around 300 - 500 Mbps behind the meshed satellite units.
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Re: Nighthawk mesh slow speed

I have shutdown wifi in the modem/router and use only Nighthawk it improved the speed about 10% no where close to what I am paying for. Interesting, speed test with Nighthawk app shows good speed similar to what I can get connecting directly to the modem but nond of my devices (computer, phone, and other devices) even though, phone and computer supports wifi 6.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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Re: Nighthawk mesh slow speed

This worked for me. Quite dumb that turning it on destroys the speed of the DL.

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