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Pay channels

Everything seems to be working fine except pay channels on TV like Netflix and prime. YouTube works fine. My 3 year old router handled this fine. Also, my wifi signal strength on phones is half what it was
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Re: Pay channels

You have some sort of router with a problem?


There is nothing that a router should do to get in the way of your subscriptions. I would look elsewhere for that.


@habfam wrote:
Also, my wifi signal strength on phones is half what it was


That is not really an indicator of much, beyond the fact that your phone might be picking up wifi from something else.


Start by telling people what this router is, what firmware version is on it, and what supplies your Internet. A modem of some sort? Make and  model?


Apologies for all the questions. But you can help people to help you by providing the information suggested in this forum's header:


Subject (Include model number and brief summary)
Model (Recommended - Helps the community give the best answers)
Body (Include additional detail including model version, firmware, OS and environment where relevant.)

They are there for a good reason.





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