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No hostname resolution? Really?


No hostname resolution? Really?

Just realized this $500 router can't even do LAN hostname resolution... even though it has a connected device list ... and DHCP reservations... but you're tell me you didn't flip the switch for caching hostnames? 


Been looking all over this forum and really tired of people saying "oh that has never been a thing", "setup your own DNS server if you want local resolution". Are you kidding me, I can and have setup DNS servers... but a consumer, let me say that again, consumer grade router in the year 2021 should not require an end user to setup a server os or DNS server to be able to find another machine via hostname on their own network. Give me a break Netgear. 


The firmware litterally doesn't even have a way to specify a DNS server for LAN DHCP even if you wanted to setup your own DNS server. You would have to also setup a DHCP server as well just to ref the local DNS. 


Not to mention the router drops ethernet connection for 3-5 secs randomly... You are telling me in the 25 years of being a networking device company that it has all came to a pinnacle at this crossroad, and everyone wants to act like we are asking for too much to have a functioning router that has actual functions that are modern standard?


Will be working hard to get a refund it seems. 

Model: RAX200|Nighthawk Tri-band AX12 12-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router
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Re: No hostname resolution? Really?

Yeah this is absolutely unbelievable. Just purchased without knowing this too. I will either be returning or flashing another firmware. Likely returning, and I will never buy a netgear product again that is certain. Or reccomend to anyone else. Absolute BS. If you don't want it on by default for some reason so be it. To not make it an option to turn on. ABSOLUTELY ABSURD! Netgear literally SUCKS!

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