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Re: RAXE500 Firmware Version


RAXE500 Firmware Version

I upgraded my RAXE500 to the version last night and it was a disaster. Armor brought up a screen that would not let me get out of it and after installing my devices strarted showing up as not allowed. I could see them in my device manager on my iPhone and iPad, but neither would allow me to enable them. I was also locked out of my desktop access to the router. I was forced to do a hard router reset and start completely over. After the reset I found the Access Control in would only bring up a broken page screen and not allow me to see any Access Control. I then was forced to revert to the provious version. The router worked OK with the previous version, but unfortnately I had not saved a back up, so I had to do all the hard work of setting up the router.


This new version update is broken!


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Re: RAXE500 Firmware Version

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Re: RAXE500 Firmware Version

Thanks for the Kudo!


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