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Re: Orbi RBR750 App - Model not in this list


Orbi RBR750 App - Model not in this list

I have an ORBI Router/Satellite Model RBR750 which I am now ready to return. It's not in the list of products when trying to post this.   I am not very technical, but saavy enough to set this system up and change the wifi SSID and password.


After the first night, the ORBI APP no longer recognizes the device.  HOWEVER, the device is running fine.  I am connected to it!  I have reistalled the APP.  I have reset the router to factory settings and re-installed.  It seems the system works fine, but the app doesn't see the device.    I have deleted and re-installed the app 3 times, called the very useless support and I am ready to give up.


Funny thing is I think the router is working well.  I hate to return it for the app, but I can't manage this at all.  I can't see if it is online, whether the satellite is online, etc.... 

Support basically told me the app will one day be fixed.......This system is $400.  Apparently I can get a cheaper Amazon or Google Mesh system.  I went with this one, because it is supposed to be better and had 90 day support.  

Very frusterated and ready to return unless someone in this community can assist.  Thanks very much.  

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Re: Orbi RBR750 App - Model not in this list

There is a known issue with Orbi app if your using a Apple device with iOS 14.0.1. 



My android pad works for Orbi app though. 


Please post about this over in the Orbi app forum. 

This is something that Apple and NG need to fix since Apple broke it with iOS 14. 


Good Luck. 

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Re: Orbi RBR750 App - Model not in this list

Thank you so much!  Wow, I wish I could get those 10 hours of my life back.  Why couldn't support just tell me that so I didn't waste my time resetting and re-installing.  Thanks so much.  I will just hope they fix the ORBI App quickly.  

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Re: Orbi RBR750 App - Model not in this list

We hope so too. I believe the next iOS 14 update is supposed to help. I haven't see it yet. It's running around for apple beta testers though. 

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