Armor Security - 1 Year


Armor Security - 1 Year

Hello, I just installed the RBK753s from Costco.  I ran into trouble with first install and had to factory reset Orbi router & sattalites.  The Orbi from Costco comes with a 1 year subscription to Armor Security - 1 Year.   The issue is that the router and orbi app wont recognize the 1 year subscription.   When I log into MyNetGear with same account I can see that I have  1 year of subscription and can also it in Orbi ios app under Support/Contracts.  The Serial # match but the Orbi Tile for Security just shows a message "Activate Trail" but that doesn't even work when I click it... I get a popup error saying "Failed to Subscribe".


I've been online chat with NG and they couldn't figure it out and told me to go back to Costco which I've done but they can't can't help me at the store level or the Costco Concierge Service.


Side Note: why does the Orbi app have the model # as RBR750 but the box from Costco says RBK753s?  Even this forum help form Model section doesn't seem to recognize the RBR750 or RBK753s models???


I really don't want to have to take back to Costco just for this issue.  Now that the Firmware has been updated to v4.6.3.16_2.0.51 and the system is running smoothly.


Thanks for any ideas or help.


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Re: Armor Security - 1 Year

A couple things. 

1. have you tried contacting bitdefender? Armor is powered by bitdefender and sometimes their help is faster.

2. In terms of model numbers. the whole kit is RBK753S. this includes

The K stands for kit

RBS750--Satellites x2

Overall there are 3x devices hence the 3 (753)

S-stands for the armor security aspect of it. Some versions are sold with armor inluded for a set period of time. not all include armor


Sometimes the mods help out with armor issues

@ChristineT @DarrenM 


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Re: Armor Security - 1 Year

Netgear has set up a community forum specifically for the Armor product. Most of the people who watch that forum are more likely to have experience with Armor and know how to work it better than those of us who follow this "general Orbi" forum. Might be more likely to find someone who has a solution if the question is posted there:
Good Luck.

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Re: Armor Security - 1 Year

Hi @TedsNotHere


Please send me a private message with the following information: 



Email address

Device Serial number

Support case number


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