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Re: Buffering with Roku


Buffering with Roku

Anyone experience buffering with Roku? I have the satellite directly hardwired via Ethernet and I get lots of buffering issues. Does anyone have any recommendations on settings? The Roku and Orbi have both been updated recently.
Any help would be great!

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Re: Buffering with Roku

Hello Amarket42


Orbi does not have Ethernet back haul so having the satellite connected via Ethernet is doing nothing. As for the roku dropping do you have beamforming and MU MIMO turned off?



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Re: Buffering with Roku

Hello Darren:
Thanks for the clarification. I read that somewhere after I posted. I appreciate it. To answer your question, I have Beamforming off and Mu-MIMO on as suggested by Netgear specialist. These particular Rokus are set up for MU-MIMO but the specialist said it could cause problems with other devices.
Although every situation is different, it would be nice to have some recommended settings. They say "default" but I've read multiple people having different default settings on this forum. All in all, it performs well and I realize no system is perfect;however, the buffering on ESPN in particular (just in my living room) happens much too often. I'm working on relocating the router and satellite. Ok thinking they may be too close, roughly 35 feet so the signals may be overlapping.
Thanks so much for your response! I appreciate it.
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Re: Buffering with Roku

Okay, no need to worry about this. Here we provide you the complete information that what are the main reasons for the occurrence of the buffering. 

Buffering is defined as a process through which audios and videos can play without any user intervention. Whenever user plays any video, the first few clips of the video can automatically save to the system’s cache memory. Generally, this problem is very annoying because it slows down the speed of the playing video.

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