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Maximum number of devices connected?


Maximum number of devices connected?

I continue to have issues with the internet dropping off randomly. It seems to happen only at night when everyone in the family is online. I have the 3 set Orbi RBR40. The weblink below states the Orbi can handle up to 250 clients, but for those who steam a lot of HD video and gaming (Which I do), no more than 50 clients. I am well below 50 clients and still have continuous drops every single night....  it is getting to the point of extreme frustration. 




Currently connected:

4 cellphones

1 Nvidia Shield

1 Amazon firestick

4 PCs

1 PS4

(Not all of these are being used at the same time either)


-That's a total of 11 clients which is well below the "stated" limit for HD streaming. Also, I have Comcast internet of 150mbs, which should be plenty fast to support my needs. 

-The satellites are within 25ft of the main router with 1-2 walls max. 


I would really love to know how to fix this constant signal drop every night. I have to literally do a hard reset on the satellites. In today's day in age, with many, many people moving from cable TV to streaming, you would think these devices (which cost 400$+) would be able to handle the load.

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Re: Maximum number of devices connected?

Are you on the latest 2.1 firmware?


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Re: Maximum number of devices connected?

I am no expert, but I am pretty sure it updates the firmware automatically. 


Yes... its 2.1


and it still ..... drops... all... the... time..!!!


Please do not take offense to my frustration... Not directed at you the individual. BUT! I am really fed up with this POS system.

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Re: Maximum number of devices connected?

if your satellites are within 25' of the main router, maybe there is some confusion on your devices about which one to connect to.  Have you tried it without the satellites powered on?


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