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One of my Orbi Satellite is continually offline


One of my Orbi Satellite is continually offline

This morning I find one of my Satelles has gone offline.  I have tried switching the Satellite and the Router off and then on again. I have tried SYNCing the two units.  The other sateliite is working okay.  I have swapped locations between the two satellites.  In the app on my iPhone this satellite has a magenta dot next to it.

The Firmware on my Router and the Satellites is v2.5.1.16

Model: RBS50Y|High Performance AC3000 Outdoor WiFi Mesh Extender and Add-on Satellite
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Re: One of my Orbi Satellite is continually offline

Did you recently install If so, try doing a factory reset of your ORBI system. Then reinitialize your ORBI from scratch. I know this is a PIA but it is necessary to clear out any errors built up by firmware updates. (In my opinion, these errors most likely come from using WiFi to do firmware updates versus ethernet.)


DO NOT use a backup config file. It is possible that during your latest firmware update (to a file was corrupted. Using a backup config file can re-introduce that error into your system after the factory reset. 


After reconfiguring your system allow a few hours (yes, HOURS!) to "settle". I know we want everything to be instantaneously reset and working but that isn't realistic with the myriad of environments the ORBI is running in. All sorts of variables are in play here so be patient.


Good Luck!

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Re: One of my Orbi Satellite is continually offline

Dear tucsontico,


Thank you for your suggestion which I will try. 


I have no idea when the latest version of the firmware was installed as it is done automatically.  Is there a way of findig out?  Please excuse the following questions but I am a novice at these things.


Do I need to reset all the Orbi's or just the satellite one that is not working?


How do I get it to reload the latest firmware?  And what do you mean by doing the updates via ethernet?


When you refer to reconfiguring, do you mean setting up of the main and Guest WiFi name and password or something else?


Thanks for your anticipated help.


KInd regards,


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Re: One of my Orbi Satellite is continually offline

The reason I asked about a recent firmware install is I wanted to know if the firmware update might have caused the satellite to drop offline. Regardless of the install date/time, doing a factory reset of all the parts of your ORBI system seems to solve most issues like yours.


Do a factory reset of the satellites first, then the router.  A factory reset should not change the firmware version but will erase most of your custom settings.



If you need a copy of the latest firmware, simply click the "Downloads" tab at the top of this forum page and follow the prompts. Be advised there are different firmwares for the satellites and the router! Be certain you are installing the correct version on your ORBI devices. The system should let you know if your attempting to install an incorrect file but now you know where to get the correct one.


Installing firmware over WiFi has the potential to corrupt files if there is any hiccup in the WiFi signal. I advise doing any firmware updates via an ethernet cable. If you have a laptop, simply connect a cat 5 ethernet cable to the back of the ORBI satellite and login into the satellite via a compatible internet browser.


After a factory reset you should run the configuration wizard to reinitialize your system:



Good luck!

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