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VLAN Tagging


VLAN Tagging

About a year ago I got the AC3000 but still having trouble connecting to TPG NBN connection here in Australia. The requirement is: 

"...For TPG NBN, you need to enable VLAN tagging and set the WAN VLAN ID = 2. Should be listed as an option called VLAN or 802.1Q..."


I also have a R7000 and the TPG connection works fine but with the RBR50 in router mode the vlan tagging doesnt seem to work for me. So currently running the RBR50 in access mode with the R7000 in router mode.


Is there any plans on getting this working? Happy to test any beta on this.

Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: VLAN Tagging

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Re: VLAN Tagging

As per my reply back in July 2017 in that thread I cant get VLAN tagging to work in connecting the Orbi to my ISP. Have tried many times. But tagging works fine on my Netgear R7000, so I know whats needs to be done but just wont work on the Orbi.

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