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GS308E VLAN settings


GS308E VLAN settings


I am having trouble configuring my vlan on the GS308E switch.
I also have a GS305EP on which I have not encountered any difficulties.
The switch is connected to the router on port 1. The router trunks the main network (vid 1), and two VLAN IDs 20 and 30.

This makes port 1: arrival of the router
Port 2 : VLAN VID20
Port 3 : Main network computer
Port 4 : VLAN VID30

I have enabled Advanced 802.1Q VLAN
added vlan 20 and 30

But I am having trouble with what to put on membership and port vid/.

On the GS305EP in a similar configuration (principal network from router + VID30 + VID40) I have untagged the ports going to a device and configured t

The port coming from the router with all the VLANs (port 5)



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Re: GS308E VLAN settings



Welcome to the community! 🙂


Port 1 of the GS308E that is connected to the router should be set as tagged port (T) with a PVID of 1.  Port 2 of the GS308E should be set as untagged (U) with a PVID of 20.  Port 3 of the GS308E should be set as untagged (U) with a PVID of 30.


Let me share this article below and use it as your guide:


How to configure VLANs on a NETGEAR Web Managed Plus Switch with shared access to the internet





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