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Multicasting for ProAV - Whitepaper


Multicasting for ProAV - Whitepaper

Ethernet Video Streaming Background - What is Multicast?
There are 3 different types of data traffic that traverse through an Ethernet switch: unicast, broadcast, and multicast. Unicast is a one-to-one type of data transmission which means one sender will only send to one subscriber. Broadcast is a one-to-all type of data transmission which means one sender will send to all users on the local area network (LAN) – even if they do not want to see the video. Lastly, multicast is a one-to-many type of data traffic.

Multicast is one of the many popular methods of sending video to a group interested in receiving the video. The easiest way to stream multicast traffic to all the receivers is by flooding the multicast stream to the entire LAN. This simple method of multicast streaming causes bandwidth delays and unwanted data to other hosts. To improve performance and bandwith ultiization, Multicast traffic should only stream to specific hosts.


Get a detailed whitepaper on Multicasting for the ProAV environment. 


Click here to download the Multicast for ProAV Whitepaper. 

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