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RAX45 USB Drive Randomly Drops Connection


RAX45 USB Drive Randomly Drops Connection

Hello all,


I have an situation where when I am transferring data from my PC to my RAX45 USB Hard Drive, the connection will randomly drop and then reconnect.  The reconnect may be in a few seconds or up to about 1 minute.


This is on a RAX45 running Firmware Version V1.0.12.120_2.0.83.  The Hard Drive a is an old USB2.0 Hitachi LS-0500-US.  Which is a 500GB drive.


Before I go replacing the drive, just wondering if others have had an issue like this and if so if there are any possible fixes.


The problem of course is if I am transferring large amounts of data the transfer stalls and unless I am watching all that is going on, I may not see that the transfer has stopped for hours.

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