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Delete My my.netgear.com Account


Delete My my.netgear.com Account

I'm trying to delete my my.netgear.com account. I've returned the 2 registered products and have no need for the account.



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Re: Delete My my.netgear.com Account

I'll forward your request.   Note that Netgear uses single sign-on (SSO), so deleting the account will also mean that you can no longer post here.

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Re: Delete My my.netgear.com Account

hello @tempus,


@StephenB is right! Unfortunately, your my.netgear.com cannot be cancelled from within the NETGEAR community. You will need to contact NETGEAR Support.  


However, you can close  your community account by following the steps below:


How to Close your Community Account:

  1. Log into your community account
  2. Click on your username
  3. Click My Settings
  4. It should default to the Personal tab
  5. Click Close Account option
  6. Follow the prompts to Close Account
    • Note: You can close your account and remove your personal information from this site. After you close your account, you can't re-open it. When your account is removed, all kudos, accepted solutions, and achievements will be permanently deleted. If you later decide to re-join the community, you must re-register and start from scratch. Closing your account will immediately log you out.
  7. Enter Username
  8. Click Close Account
  9. Once logged out you will see Success!
  10. The account has been closed.

If you attempt to log in again with this email address the system will prompt you for a new username and to accept the terms and conditions again. 


Best Regards,


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Re: Delete My my.netgear.com Account

me too ! sold all the **bleep**, and want out here. 

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