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Re: Connecting old Netgear router to new modem


Connecting old Netgear router to new modem

Bought a new 3.1 modem and installed. I have internet through the modem. Tried to connect my old WRN2000v2 Wireless N300 Router and have no wireless internet.
What do I need to do to get my netgear router connected to the new modem?
Model: WNR2000v2|Wireless-N 300 Router WNR2000v2|EOL
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Re: Connecting old Netgear router to new modem

What modem did you buy?

If it truly is a docsis 3.1, the wrn2000 is way outclassed. its a 10/100mbps device and not gigabit capable. It'll be the bottleneck in the system.


Something to try. 

1. power off the modem and the router. disconnect everything from both including coax from modem. wait 2 minutes

2. connect the coax back to modem and turn it on. wait a couple minutes for it to fully boot. 

3. connect lan cable from modem to wan port on router. power on the router. wait a couple minutes and attempt setup of the router. 

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Re: Connecting old Netgear router to new modem

Since your router is an older router you need to reset it by pressing the reset button on the back of the router with a paper clip for 30 secondes while its powered on. Once it reboots, connect your laptop or desktop with an ethernet cable to one of the 4 ethernet LAN ports on the back. Once you connect it, type http://routerlogin.net or on your browser. The user name will be admin, and the password password to get into the GUI for the router. Then you can run the system wizard on the router to detect the internet coming from your modem (of course once you connected your modem to the internet port on the router while both are powered on). Also go to the wireless settings and name your wifi and make up a password for your wifi. Make sure the algorythym for your router password is WPA2-AES to get maximum speed. In my opinion you should get a newer router to take advantage of the speeds you are paying for.

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