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Permissions to backed-up data (rsync)


Permissions to backed-up data (rsync)

After figuring out how to create an rsync job earlier this year using the Backup facility, my ReadyNAS 516 successfully backs up several TBs daily to an older ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition on the same network. (FWIW, the network consists of all Macs.)

I'd like to get access to the backed up data, but when I view the file folder it has an icon (a small red circle with a white dash in it) in the lower right corner. When I click on the folder I get "The folder 'xxxxx' can't be opened because you don't have permission to see its contents."

I've gone into the Backup area, selected the job, clicked on Settings and then Options. I thought clicking on "After backup is complete, change ownership of files in the backup destination to the share owner if the destination is a ReadyNAS share." would remove the security lock on the destination, the old ReadyNAS Pro. However, I'm unable to click that option.

Any ideas how I can remove the security on the destination? Is trying to click this option even the right approach? Do I need to create a new job in order to do this? If so, will it want to create a new folder? There probably is not enough room on the destination server for another copy of all that data.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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Re: Permissions to backed-up data (rsync)

Go into "shares" in frontview, then select the specific share. Click on the "advanced options" tab on the far right.

Set the owner/group as needed (nobody/nogroup works), then select "read/write" for the three rights pulldowns underneath.

Check the box next to Grant rename/delete.

Then check the box next to "Set ownership and permission for existing files".

Now press "apply" on the bottom right. After a while a pop up will be displayed saying that the process is complete.

Usually this happens because you have users (or groups) on the new NAS that either don't exist at all on the old one, or which have different UIDs/GIDs. You should create those accounts (or modify the UID/GID).

Another way this can happen is if the share on new NAS has the default owner of "guest". Unfortunately the UID of guest doesn't match on the old and new NAS lines, and there is no way to fix this. A workaround is to change the owner/group on the new nas to "admin/admin" - which does match, and still allows the share to be available to all.
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Re: Permissions to backed-up data (rsync)

StephenB, thank you. That appears to have done the trick. I followed your instructions and now that folder (and all the stuff under it) appears like all the others.

Thanks for the detailed and speedy response.

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