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RN204 Remove inactive volumes to use the disk. Disk #1,2,3,4. Firmware 6.10.8


RN204 Remove inactive volumes to use the disk. Disk #1,2,3,4. Firmware 6.10.8

Hi all, I have an RN204 with 4x old WD RED NAS 6TB drives in them. 


I recently started to get some 'Detected increasing reallocated sector count' warnings on Disk1, indicating a likely failing disk.  I bought a replacement drive (a new Seagate IronWolf Pro 6TB), with the intention to replace all 4x drives with the same unit (as the old drives are originals, probably approaching 10-12 years old). 


I hot-swapped disk 1 and it immediately started to 'resync' the data, which took about 18 hours.  According to the logs, it appeared to finish this process, but then the logs indicate that Disk 3 had been removed and replaced (it definitely wasn't).  After that, Disk 3 showed up as an inactive drive with the warning "remove inactive volumes to use the disk. Disk #3).  I rebooted the system in the hope of getting rid of the error, but now all 4x disks are showing as inactive (but with a green healthy status).  I now also separately have a second volume showing (with 0 data on it).


Any ideas on how to get the device to recognise the volumes again greatly appreciated.

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Re: RN204 Remove inactive volumes to use the disk. Disk #1,2,3,4. Firmware 6.10.8

First - Do NOT remove any volumes from the web ui.  Also, if you still have the disk you removed, then keep it intact (don't wipe it or reformat it).


Details on how to mount the volume depend on what went wrong during the resync.  If you like, I can take a look at the log zip.  Download it from the logs page, and then upload the full zip into cloud storage (dropbox, google drive, etc).  Send me a private message (PM) using the envelope link in the upper right of the forum page - include a link to this thread and a download link to the zip. Make sure the permissions on the link allow anyone with the link to download.


It might take a day or so for me to get to analyzing the logs (my day today is full of other activities).


FYI, if you still have a log zip downloaded right after the problem occured, that would be better than getting a new one.  Often the logs rotate quickly after this problem starts due to a flood of errors.

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