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Ready NAS31400 issue


Ready NAS31400 issue



I have a ReadyNAS 31400 that is 3 years old and refuses to boot.  I have tried everything including the factory reset button, swapping out the drives and still no use.

Rang support who were less than helpful which is surprising as the 31400 is quite an expensive home NAS box which I would expect to last longer than 3 years years.  It ws only on 6 hours/day.

Anyone else had this problem before I take to social media

Model: RN31400|ReadyNAS 300 Series 4-Bay
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Re: Ready NAS31400 issue

Assuming you were the original purchaser, the 314 has a 5 year hardware warranty, and depending on when you bought it, includes lifetime chat support. If it won't boot, you should be able to RMA it.



I'm sure someone else from netgear will chime in, but does it appear on RAIDar at all? Can you download the logs from it?

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Re: Ready NAS31400 issue

Did you just update to 6.7.3/6.7.4 ?

If so, and if you can't use the boot menu to boot into tech support mode then


You could try USB Boot Recovery and if that fails despite trying multiple USB keys you could replace the initrd.gz and kernel on the USB Boot Recovery key:



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